Combo FAQ

WGJP-031/WGJP-038 Combo

 1. Cannot connect to computers?

a. check if the products is out of power

b. confirm the USB is right and there is no signal interference

c. re-code the products:

Mouse code pairing: press the left, middle, and right keys at the same time to pair the code. After the code pairing light turns on, plug the receiver in again to re-code.

Keyboard code matching: press the “ESC+Q” key, the keyboard will enter the code matching state, and the low voltage indicator will be on for 20 seconds. At this time, plug the receiver into the USB port of the computer. The keyboard and receiver must be within 0.3 meters of distance. The low voltage indicator light goes out after re-code.


2. The keyboard is stick or the keys stop working?

a. charge the keyboard fully (replace new batteries), restart the computer connect the device again;test to other USB ports or other devices for more details.

b. re-plug the keycap and restart the computer to try again


IWG-WJTZ01 Combo

1. Cannot connect to computers/stop working?

a. check if the product is out of power and fully charge it

b. re-code the product


2. The product cannot be charged?

Please check if the indicator light come on when you charging, and try to charge with other cables that in same model to check if it can charge properly.

Please note: the battery of this set can be replaced with a 3.7V AA 14500 battery if it's defect.


3. The keyboard is stick or the keys stop working?

Disconnect and turn off the keyboard to fully charge and then connect again.


WGJP-060 Combo

1. How to use the multimedia keys?

Press Fn+Fn lock keys to lock


2. Cannot connect to computers?

Please replace new batteries for products and check if the indicator light come on when pairing.


Other common issues

1. The usb cannot be recognized?

Re-plug the usb, or connect to another usb port;

Antivirus on the computer or restart the computer to try again;

Use the official version of the operating system;

Reinstall the system.


2. The mouse cannot work precisely?

Press the button on the mouse to adjust the DPI